Tuesday, May 20, 2014

$60 million high school stadium in Texas still ruled unsafe

texas high school

Only in the state of Texas could a $60 million stadium be approved and built for high school football. And as it turns out the stadium, which was approved for construction in 2009 and briefly opened in 2012, is still deemed unsafe for use.

Apparently, an analysis conducted by a team of engineers ruled that support structures underneath the concourse level were deemed unable to handle a suitable weight capacity. In other words, the engineers believe the stadium is at risk of collapsing if fans pack the stands.

Repairing the stadium is estimated to take 6-8 months and an additional chunk of change on top of the $60 million budget. So instead of going that route the high school has decided to pay $5,300 per game to play its home schedule at a nearby venue.

The superintendent of the school district has reassured taxpayers that the burden of repairing the stadium won't fall on their wallets. But that's likely no consolation for the huge expense the structure has already garnered. I could be stating the obvious here, but winning a lawsuit against the company tasked with building this stadium might help pick up the financial slack.

Again, something like this only happens with Texas high school football.

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