Monday, April 21, 2014

Video: Little league player crushes home run on intentional walk attempt

This is a fine example of how not to intentionally walk someone.

The scene unfolded during a recent youth baseball game where the opposing pitcher tried to do the sensible thing by giving a free pass to the other team's slugger. As you can see, the first two pitches go as planned as they sail far and wide outside the strike zone. However, the pitcher wasn't so lucky on his third pitch and the batter made him pay by smacking a long drive over the wall for a round-tripper.

The commentary from the onlooking parents in the stands makes this video clip that much greater. The foreshadowing of the home run is almost surreal.

On a related note, it looks like the pitcher may have went to the Auburn school of intentional walks.

Via Bleacher Report

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