Saturday, April 12, 2014

Video: Curtis Granderson loses cool after fans violates 'no touching' rule during play

Curtis Granderson was pretty steamed after an Angels fan violated the "no touching" rule during a routine play Friday night.

As you can see from the clip, Granderson runs over to the first base foul line to track down a fly ball, but an Angels fan reaches out from the stands to touch the Mets outfielder on his back, which results in Granderson giving the fan an ear full.

The fan was ejected and Granderson was asked for his thoughts after the game was over.

“He touched me,” Granderson said. “Then I turned around and he’s like, ‘I didn’t mean to.’ I said, ‘Hey, just don’t touch me.’ So that was it. Say whatever you want to say, boo, cheer, clap, cheer for your team, cheer for the other team. But just don’t physically touch players.”

Granderson's correct. Fans shouldn't be touching players. But I'm not sure the response Granderson gave the fan fit the so-called crime.

Via The Big Lead

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