Monday, April 7, 2014

Shabazz Napier: Sometimes I go to bed 'starving'

Shabazz Napier is living a pretty blessed life at the moment. His Connecticut Huskies are in the national championship game and the senior guard is set to make plenty of money in the pros when his career at UConn is finished.

However, Napier recently revealed some rather shocking insight when asked for his thoughts about players unionizing against the NCAA. Long story short, Napier claims there are nights when he goes to bed "starving" because he cannot afford food.

"We as student athletes get utilized for what we do so well. We are definitely best to get a scholarship to our universities, but at the end of the day, that doesn't cover everything. We do have hungry nights that we don't have enough money to get food and sometimes money is needed," the senior told reporters.

"To some credit, you feel like you want something in return. Like I said, there are hungry nights that I go to bed and I am starving. So something can change, something should change. But if it doesn't, at the end of the day, we've been doing this for so long, so," he said.

The National Labor Relations Board ruled last month that football players at Northwestern have the right to form the first labor union in college sports history. However, that ruling doesn't pertain to student-athletes at public university such as UConn, as these schools rely on state labor laws.

There's no denying that a revolution is brewing among NCAA student athletes. And it only seems like a matter of time before some changes come and change the college sports landscape as we know it.

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