Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lenny Dykstra alleges he was assaulted by cops while in jail

Former MLB player Lenny Dykstra claims he was brutally beaten by a group of corrupt cops while in custody at Los Angeles County Jail.

The incident allegedly occurred in April 2012 when Dykstra was behind bars on the account of bankruptcy fraud. He's now suing the jail, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ Sports.

According to Dykstra, six sheriffs entered his cell and pulled him out of bed. From there, the attackers punched Dykstra in the face, head, nose, mouth, arms, and legs. At one point, he claims his head was slammed into one of the walls. By the time the attack was over, Dykstra alleges he was "barely breathing." All in all, he sustained bruises, scabs, and missing teeth.

As if that part of the story wasn't crazy enough, Dykstra claims the officers made sure to deny him of proper medical treatment, instructing nurses and doctors to not tend to the patient. The suit also alleges that Dykstra was forcibly medicated with drugs to try and discredit his story.

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