Monday, April 7, 2014

John Daly drinks an astounding amount of Diet Coke each day post-surgery

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Round Two

You won't find a more intriguing character in the professional golf ranks than John Daly.

Aside from his flashy wardrobe and propensity to make headlines, Daly recently revealed other interesting nuggets about his life in an interview with The Guardian. Namely, his battle with alcohol, weight, and the insane amount of Diet Coke he formerly and currently consumers after having lapband surgery.

“The band won’t allow me to drink as many. If I don’t have ice, I can’t drink it. I can’t have it straight because of the carbonation. I have to drink it slowly and not out of a can, I need some ice. I used to have 26-28 cans a day. Now I have 10-12 at the most.”

That's a lot of Diet Coke. In fact, that's a lot of carbonated beverage in general.

Daly also voiced his opinion on sticking to a fitness routine and how it interferes with his 40-cigarette a day habit.

“Some guys want to do a little more cardio training; I can’t see me being allowed to smoke a cigarette on a treadmill. I don’t think they will let me into the gym if I do that. Will they?”

John Daly: A true American trailblazer.

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