Friday, April 11, 2014

Connecticut Huskies fans win big with burrito promotion after both teams win title

To the victor go the spoils.

This phrase certainly proved to be true in the case of Connecticut Huskies fans who topped off watching both their men's and women's teams win a national title with steeply discounted burritos.

Here's the scoop: A total of 17 Moe's Southwest Grill locations held a "If UConn wins, you win" promotion during March Madness, which essentially lowered the price of their burritos each time the Huskies advanced in the NCAA Tournaments.

Darren Rovell of has more on the story:

When both teams made the Sweet 16, the price of burritos, normally about $8, was reduced to $5 for the day after their wins. A trip to the Elite Eight made burritos $4 the next day. The price was reduced to $3 for the Final Four and getting to the championship games. And after both teams prevailed, all 17 restaurants lowered the price of their burritos to $1 for a day.

All in all, a spokesperson for Moe's said the franchises collectively left about $435,000 on the table because of the promotion. This is due to the fact that they wound up selling about 100,000 burritos below the cost of product and labor.

Despite the financial hit, the spokesperson said it was "worth it" because it showed their connection to the program and introduced new customers to the brand.

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