Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bubba Watson leaves huge tip on Waffle House bill

Masters Champion Bubba Watson tweeted a photo of his visit to Waffle House on Wheeler Road after winning the green jacket.  Special

It's a relatively well-known fact that Bubba Watson dined at Waffle House after winning the prestigious Masters Tournament on Sunday. However, what probably isn't common knowledge is what kind of tip Watson left the establishment for his meal.

According to The Augusta Chronicle, Watson reportedly left a whopping $148 tip on the bill.

A waitress told a customer Tuesday morning that Watson left a $148 tip on the bill. When asked to confirm the amount, Knotts declined to say how big the tip was but said three employees split the money.

“It was above and beyond what would have normally been shared,” Knotts said. “Bubba was just so gracious about everything.”

The celebration didn't end there though. Watson and his crew also hit up a nearby Steak n' Shake for six milkshakes. The total tip left for that bill was reported at $24.

Bubba Watson: The All-American Guy.

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