Friday, April 4, 2014

Boomer Esiason issues apology to Daniel Murphy for taking paternity leave

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Former NFL quarterback and sports radio host Boomer Esiason took some considerable heat for comments he made about Mets infielder Daniel Murphy, who missed the first couple games of the season to spend with his wife and newborn child on paternity leave. Basically, Esiason suggested that Murphy and his wife should have planned a C-section so that he wouldn't have to miss playing time.

Now, Esiason is retracting those comments in a written apology:

My deep apologies to both Daniel and Tori Murphy for creating an intrusion into a very sacred and personal moment in their lives, and that’s the birth of their son, Noah. Daniel is the Mets’ second baseman, whose brief paternity leave led to a flippant and insensitive remark that I sincerely regret. (In the) meantime, I’m very grateful to my many friends over at the March of Dimes who graciously reached out and re-educated me that if a pregnancy is healthy, it is medically beneficial to let the labor begin on its own rather than to schedule a C-section for convenience. In fact, babies born just a few weeks early have double the risk of death compared to babies born after 39 full weeks of pregnancy. As their promotional campaign says, ‘Healthy babies are worth the wait.’ And as a proud father, I couldn’t agree more.

While his comments were definitely insensitive, Esiason has gone to great lengths to apologize. He's apologized on both his radio show and a taped segment of CBS Sports Minute. This is not to mention he reached out to the Mets in order to apologize Murphy directly as well.

For the record, Murphy returned to New York's lineup on Thursday.

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