Saturday, March 29, 2014

Video: Watch bearded man throw 10 straight strikes backwards

Whether you're a fan of bowling or not, this will be the most amazing sports feat you see in your entire day of browsing the internet for amazing sports feats.

Check it out as Andrew Cowen from Rockford, Ill. defies logic by bowling 10 consecutive strikes without ever laying eyes on the lane.

If it wasn't for a misfire on the second frame, Cowen would have literally bowled a perfect 300 game backwards, which would have been even more incredible.

According to, Cowen's 280 score is the single-game world record for backwards bowling. I'll conservatively estimate that 95 percent of the folks reading this will never even break 280 (frontward or backward) in their lifetimes (including myself).

Via For the Win


  1. Wow, he needs to go to the PBA-- he would probably win it all without too much practice...amazing!