Monday, March 31, 2014

Video: Ukranian soccer player rushes to save opponent's life

Some quick thinking by a Ukranian soccer player on Sunday may have saved an opponent's life.

The moment came soon after Dynamo Kiev's Oleh Husyev was knocked unconscious when accidentally taking a knee to the head from Dnipro goalkeeper Denys Boyko. Husyev appeared to have swallowed his tongue and was unable to breath.

This is when Dnipro's Jaba Kankava sprung into action and immediately forced open Husyev's mouth to prevent the latter from suffocating. This required Kankava to literally stick his fingers down Husyev's throat in order to remove the blockage.

Fortunately, Husyev regained the ability to breath freely and was eventually lifted off the field on a stretcher.

Via Eye on Sports

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