Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Video: Tim Cowlishaw takes cheap shot at Kentucky Wildcats

The wrath of Big Blue Nation is about to engulf Dallas Morning News writer Tim Cowlishaw over the cheap shot he took at the Kentucky Wildcats on Wednesday.

It came during an episode of ESPN's Around the Horn when Cowlishaw basically slammed the university for being sub-par in the education department.

“What’s the difference between having a degree from Kentucky and almost having a degree from Kentucky?”

The joke stems from the news story of Manhattan coach Steve Masiello getting his coaching offer axed by South Florida after a search firm discovered he lied on his resume. Apparently, he listed that he graduated from the University of Kentucky when in fact he merely attended there.

Again, hopefully Cowlishaw is prepared for the Kentucky faithful to bombard him with rebuttals right about now. It's not going to be pretty after that rabid fan base gets through with him.

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