Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trey Burke: Fans who root for team to tank are 'selfish'

This year's draft class promises to be loaded with talent at the top and that naturally has many teams eyeing the potential for a high pick.

While the NBA maintains that no team seriously loses on purpose in order to increase lottery pick odds, there are many who suspect they do, and select fans of these losing teams have actually come to embrace it.

Let's just say Trey Burke isn't fond of these fans who openly root for their teams to lose. The following is what he said about the topic to the Desert News:

"I think that's just selfish for a fan. We play hard, practice hard every single day. Why would we want to go out there and try to lose? Wherever we do land in the lottery, that will be great for us, but to try and tank games and lose games, I think, is just absurd."

At 23-48, the Utah Jazz begrudgingly possess the worst record in the Western Conference and have no mathematical shot of making the postseason. So, it's easy to see why fans are wanting to sacrifice some wins now for the chance of winning more down the road.

But this logic neglects the notion that all players want to win no matter the circumstance. They're all competitors at their very core. Sure, some players want to win more than most, and the same goes for teams, but we can't forget the pride factor these athletes have when lacing up their sneakers every night too.

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