Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tampa businessman has an autographed ball from every player and coach in Rays history


A Tampa Bay businessman and his family boast an autographed ball collection that is sure to put even the most heralded sports collectibles store to shame. 

It all began in 1998, the inaugural season of the then-Tampa Bay Devil Rays, when Jeff McKenny and his family purchased season tickets. They received tons of signed batting gloves and balls that year and the collection has only increased over time. All in all, McKenny and his family claim they have an autographed ball from each and every player, coach, and manager who has ever worn a Rays uniform. That amounts to over 400 signatures.

“We’ve had guys show up for a day or two that have signed a ball. Select Rays minor league coaches traditionally join the team in September for a few games. We get them. The minute we hear or read that someone new is joining the team we attempt to track them down.”

McKenny's treasure is believed to be the only complete autograph collection of any major league team ever. It spends most of the year in storage except when it is put display during the annual Rays Fan Fest event.


  1. Wow, That collection of Rays autographs must be worth, hmmm.....How.much is the price of an official baseball? Well, then it's worth as much as the blank baseballs cost.

  2. My friend Jeff Alderman has a great collection of baseballs here in Topeka, KS. It is fun to visit his office and forget about everything else (the world of work) for a few minutes !