Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Study shows Seattle has most rabid sports fans in country

A recent study conducted by a professor at Xavier University concludes that the city of Seattle boasts the most rabid sports fans in America.

Christian End, who studies the social behavior of sports fans, examined obituaries to conduct the study. And he found that 21 percent of all obituaries from Seattle made a reference to being a sports fan. Atlanta (20 percent) and Cincinnati (19) finished second and third, respectively.

From the Cincinnati Business Courier:

End chose to look at obituaries as he and his cohorts brainstormed for ways to measure how many people consider sports as a big part of their identity. He studied every city that has a sports team in one of the four major pro sports: MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL.

The fact that Seattle reigns supreme over every other sports city shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. The Emerald City has gained a reputation of being the gold standard as far as fan support goes. Seattle residents routinely show up in droves to support the Seahawks and Sounders.

Aside from measuring the intensity in which fans love sports, End also took a look at other factors of being a fan, including how long it takes to recover emotionally from a loss, the effect that winning and losing can have on fans' moods, the impact on fans' well being, and how fans consistently claim they have fun at games, but observation suggests they don't look happy much at all.

Photo: The Seattle Times

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