Saturday, March 1, 2014

Stan Van Gundy slams 76ers for 'embarrassing' roster

Stan Van Gundy is not a fan of the way the Philadelphia 76ers are running their team right now.

At 15-43, the 76ers are undoubtedly one of the most worst teams in the league, and the 110.9 points per game they have been allowing is just brutal.

Van Gundy, who boasts a 371-208 record in eight seasons as a head coach, recently called out Philly for ruining the integrity of the game, according to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders.

All in all, Van Gundy called Philly's roster "embarrassing" and added that he'd like to do away with the draft altogether. Basically, Van Gundy is ripping the 76ers for purposefully tanking in order to stockpile high draft picks.
I don't think the solution is cutting out the draft. But there's something to be said for teams who legitimately try to lose in order to increase their odds of having a high pick in the lottery.

Via Bleacher Report

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