Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Sports memorabilia website gives fan season tickets after Roddy White wimped out on bet

The fan who infamously won a bet with Roddy White that the Mercer Bears would upset Duke in the NCAA Tournament has finally received his season tickets. However, they didn't come from the man who was on the hook for delivering them.

Instead, the fan, Dylan Hoyt, is set to receive season tickets courtesy of the sports memorabilia website OnlyJays.com. The site contacted Dylan recently and offered to pick up the tab that White wimped out on. OnlyJays.com told TMZ Sports that they are rewarding the way Dylan handled the situation with "class and grace" by providing him with season tickets as close to the 50-yard line as possible.

In case you missed it, White came under fire after he promised to give Dylan "season tickets 50 yard line first row" if Mercer beat Duke in the first round. As fate would have it, the Bears pulled off the shocking upset, leaving White in a position to either put up or shut up.

Amazingly, the Falcons wide receiver backed out of his end of the deal, offering to give Dylan tickets for just one game, instead. Dylan said he was okay with the deal and never expected anything to come of it. Well, until OnlyJays.com called him up and offered a package he couldn't refuse.

Moral of the story: don't make a bet you can't (or won't) fulfill.

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