Monday, March 3, 2014

Photo: Players fill office of Maryland's women's basketball coach with 1,000 balloons

(Via @umdwbb)

If you're wondering why you can't find a pack of balloons for your child's upcoming birthday party, you can thank Maryland women's basketball player Brenda Frese.

This is because Thomas recently played a prank on her head coach, Brenda Frese, by filling up Frese's office with 1,000 colorful balloons. Don't worry. Thomas had plenty of help from her willing teammates.

The motive behind pulling such a prank came when Frese played a trick of her own with Thomas. You see, Frese attempted to terrify her All-American by delivering some bad (but good) news.

“So I’ve got obviously some news I’ve gotta share with you that I thought was gonna take place but I wasn’t sure,” Frese began. “Obviously to protect you, because the media’s gonna find out. And I think we collectively have to make a decision how you want to handle it — if you want me to call your parents or if you want to call your parents — but I need you to look at the information I received.”

It turns out she was just bluffing and was really out to inform Thomas that her jersey is set to go up in the Comcast Center rafters. An envelope that she later handed over to her star player explained the whole thing.

Naturally, Thomas got her revenge. Never prank a prankster, though.

Via Washington Post