Monday, March 24, 2014

Photo: 'Entourage' star breaks leg catching pass from Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson helps actor Kevin Connolly cope with his broken leg. (Twitter/@MrKevinConnolly)

A movie adaptation of the popular HBO series "Entourage" is set to be released next summer and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson is slated to play a cameo role in the film.

While on the set recently for filming, Wilson decided to throw the pigskin around with actor Kevin Connolly, which proved to be a dangerous endeavor.

Seen here is the duo posing for a photo after Connolly apparently broke his leg in two places while trying to catch a pass from Wilson. To Connolly's credit, Wilson wrote on his Instagram page that the star ran a "perfect post route" and wound up securing the catch before succumbing to injury.

Getting a compliment like that from a Super Bowl winning QB should help ease the pain.

Via Eye on Football (Photo: @MrKevinConnolly)

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  1. E makes 5'11" Wilson look like Shaq