Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ohio State athletic director gets $18k bonus after wrestler wins title

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith is over $18,000 richer this week after Buckeyes junior Logan Stieber claimed the title for his weight class at the NCAA wrestling championships on Saturday.

The figure equates to one week of Smith's base salary. Meanwhile, Stieber receives nothing more than the pride of being a national champion for the third straight season.

The bonus comes after Smith inked a new contract this year which pays him bonuses for "exceptional athletic achievements." These include such accomplishments as Final Four appearances and titles won by student athletes in any of the school's 20 sports.

Smith's base salary of $940,484 already makes him one of the highest-paid athletic directors in the country. However, Smith stands to earn more than $1.5 million a year with bonuses under his current contract that runs through the middle of 2020.

You have got to love cashing in on the backs of underpaid college athletes. Am I right, NCAA?

Via Star Telegram

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