Saturday, March 8, 2014

Michigan student creates social app that blocks Ohio State students

A former Michigan Wolverines student has created a social media app called "Blend" that is intended to let anyone with a university email address share photos similar to the way Twitter and Instagram does. However, what makes Blend unique is that the app features a theme of the day, such as "Tailgate Saturday."

Another thing which makes this app unique is the fact that Blend doesn't allow Ohio State Buckeyes to use it. Yeah, that's right. The app is set up to block any students from Ohio State who try to sign up for Blend using their Ohio State email account. At this point, Akash Nigam, creator of Blend, claims the app has automatically blocked and deleted more than 2,000 Ohio State-related accounts.

Here's what Nigam had to say about the shrewd move to exclude the Buckeyes:

"It’s like, look, let’s fix the problem for the people we care about, and we just don’t care about Ohio State. That’s what it comes down to. We said, ‘they probably shouldn’t be included in a cool product that we’re building.’

[Ohio State] hasn't been too happy. I think on our Facebook some guy was like super angry and sent us a few messages, but, I mean ... sucks to suck."

Nevermind the fact that the app loses a lot of potential users due to the Ohio State ban. Nigam doesn't seem to care. For him, it's all about creating a cool app while taking a dig at the rivals from Columbus.

Via Bleacher Report

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