Friday, March 7, 2014

LeBron James voices displeasure over sleeved jerseys, again

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LeBron James and the Miami Heat suffered their biggest loss of the season Thursday night when the San Antonio Spurs cruised to a 24-point victory.

After the game, James appeared to have put at least part of the blame on the team's tight-fitting jerseys, which led James to go 6-for-18 from the floor in the game.

“I’m not making excuses, but I’m not a big fans of the jerseys. Every time I shoot it feels like it’s just pulling right up underneath my arm. I already don’t have much room for error on my jump shot. It’s definitely not a good thing.”

This isn't the first time James has complained about the pesky jersey sleeves. In fact, the NBA star voiced his displeasure before he ever wore them in an actual game (last Christmas). Even then he complained that he felt "a little tug" each time he shot the ball.

James isn't alone in his critique of the sleeved tops. Several notable players in the league have also chimed in with their dissatisfaction. Aside from jersey sales, it's hard to imagine the NBA will want to keep these ill-fitting uniforms around if players continue to bash them.

On a positive note for James, the Heat aren't scheduled to wear them anymore this year.

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