Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jeff Teague has ear wax removed so he can hear again

Jeff Teague, Atlanta Hawks

Jeff Teague ran into a serious problem during Saturday's loss to the Clippers when he was unable to hear out of his left ear. The issue only got worse when the team flew to Salt Lake City afterward.

“I couldn’t hear anything out of my left ear, at all,” Teague said. “It hit me they day before we played Golden State. In L.A. I couldn’t hear anything. On the plane, it went crazy.”

In order to remedy the problem, Teague consulted with an ear doctor, who then removed a "considerable amount of wax" from both ears, so that the Hawks guard could hear clearly again.

The doctor also advised Teague not to use cotton swabs to clean his ears because doing so only makes the problem worse. Huh?

“He got it out and now I can hear everything,” Teague said. “It’s like a miracle.”

Via AJC.com