Friday, March 21, 2014

Isiah Thomas calls Karl Malone's elbow shot 'cheapest (bleep) in history of game'

In 1991, Isiah Thomas was livid after John Stockton was named to the Dream Team over him.

Thomas never disparaged Stockton publicly. He did his talking on the court instead. Well, until now that is.

In that same year, the Jazz and Pistons hooked up for an affair in Utah. The highlight of the game came when Karl Malone gave Thomas a vicious elbow shot to the face when the latter tried to drive to the hole.

Thomas received 40 stitches above his eye and still seems pissed.

“I think it was the dirtiest play I have experienced in the game of basketball in my life,” Thomas told The Detroit News. “I don’t think I’ve seen anything as vicious and as intentional to a player. I still don’t understand it.”

“It was horrific,” Thomas said. “That was the cheapest (bleep) in my mind in the history of the game.”

It's hard to watch the video of the play and not agree with Thomas. Malone's intentional blow to Thomas seemed to have come with ill intentions.

Via Pro Basketball Talk

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