Friday, March 14, 2014

Former Fiesta Bowl CEO sentenced to eight months in prison

John Junker, the troubled ex-CEO of the Fiesta Bowl who was fired for his participation in an illegal campaign contributions scheme, was sentenced to eight months in federal prison on Thursday.

Campaign contributions were reportedly made to bowl-friendly politicians and then reimbursed by the Fiesta Bowl's nonprofit funds. All told, an internal report revealed that at least $46,539 was reimbursed under Junker's watch.

The improprieties weren't simply limited to campaign contributions though. The bowl also picked up the $33,000 tab for Junker's 50th birthday bash in California, paid for memberships at four elite golf clubs, and even covered the $1,200 bill Junker and two friends racked up at a Phoenix strip club.

Furthermore, it is estimated that roughly 30 lawmakers received benefits in lobbying efforts. These perks included free tickets and all-expense paid trips to the Fiesta Bowl.

Junker could have faced the maximum penalty of five years in prison. However, the judge gave Junker a reduced sentence for cooperation during the investigation.

Via Eye on College Football

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