Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dominique Wilkins unimpressed with 61-point game by LeBron James

LeBron James tallied a career-high 61 points Monday night against the Bobcats thanks in part to shooting 8-for-10 from behind the arc.

Naturally, the performance was viewed as impressive by many around the basketball community, but not so much with Hall of Fame forward Dominique Wilkins.

Wilkins let his thoughts be known in the following tweets:

Eventually, Wilkins pulled back a bit after starting to receive some backlash from followers, which is likely what compelled him to soften his stance.

Sure, Charlotte's defense may be suspect and it had no real offensive threat to challenge James on the other end, but scoring 61 points should never be taken lightly. With that said, Wilkins knows his basketball and is a man whose opinion matters. I'm just not sure this is a battle he's going to win with fans.

Via Pro Basketball Talk


  1. I'm glad you aren't a "Go home, old man" kind of guy. Nique has some points.

  2. This isn't just about LeBron; Nique is commenting on the disrespect towards players of earlier generations. Far too many fans think the game was invented by MJ. Lebron's recent foolishness in omitting Bill Russell and Wilt from his hoops Rushmore, for example, reflects the lack of awareness of the game's history. Nique is trying to educate folks about a time when there seemed to be more great players, especially 2-way stars who excelled on D and did more than score a ton against a mediocre team. Everyone knows LeBron is a special player, an all-time great, but scoring 60 or more has been done before; Wilt did it 32 times, and the next highest (MJ and Kobe) are tied with 5. Of course, most of today's fans don't give a damn what Nique thinks, if they even know who he is.

    1. You're my idol, brah... And I thought I was the only 1 who remembers ol' school ball - guess I was wrong... Mad respect goes towards ya!!

  3. LeBron Who...?!?!

    MJ: 6 rings on 6 tries (100% accuracy).
    Duncan: 4 rings on 4 tries (100% accuracy).
    Shaq: 4 rings on 5 tries (80% accuracy).
    Kobe: 5 rings on 7 tries (71.4% accuracy).
    LeBum: 2 rings on 4 tries (50% accuracy).

    GTFOH with your "1 of the greatest of all time" bull$h!t. Watch some Magic, Bird & MJ higlights. Rookies...

  4. Duncan: 4 rings on 5 tries (80% accuracy).

    My bad, LeBum lovers... Now go and whack your cox to your loverboy South Beach hero hangin' on your wall...