Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dez Bryant has very strict stipulations in Cowboys contract

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Dez Bryant's contract with the Dallas Cowboys requires him to walk a straight and narrow line off the field. It's much straighter and narrower than the average professional football player has to walk too.

Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas highlighted some of these strict stipulations for Bryant that have been in play since 2012. Here is a list of the more notable ones:

  • A midnight curfew. If he's going to miss curfew, team officials must know in advance.
  • No alcohol.
  • He can't attend strip clubs and can attend nightclubs only if they are approved by the team and he has a security team with him.
  • He must attend counseling sessions twice a week.
  • A rotating three-man security team will leave one man with Bryant at all times.
  • Members of the security team will drive Bryant to practices, games and team functions.
I'm stating the obvious here, but the Cowboys are doing a whole heck of a lot to protect their multi-million dollar investment in Bryant. But to their credit the system seems to be working. Bryant has had no off-the-field problems to speak of in the past couple of years. And this could be partly credited for the 25-year-old's increase in on-field production. Over the last two seasons, Bryant has hauled in 185 passes, racked up over 2,600 yards, and scored 25 touchdowns.

Via Bleacher Report

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