Friday, March 28, 2014

Coach calls Johnny Manziel's pro day a 'sideshow'

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Most people who witnessed Johnny Manziel perform at his recent pro day came away extremely impressed with the former Texas A&M signal caller.

However, as always, there were a few critics in the bunch as well. One critic in particular is Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer.

Simply put, Zimmer though Manziel's workout was too "choreographed" and placed way too much empasis on style points rather than actual substance.

“The huddles and the different things and the music. The sideshow stuff,” Zimmer said. “It was a sideshow.”

This one was a little different in how it was choreographed. People like that or they don’t like that, I don’t know. It's the first time I've ever seen it."

As you might imagine, Manziel executed his pro day in a different manner than most are accustomed to. For starters, he threw on pads and a helmet while most quarterbacks usually opt to go without them.

Did Manziel ultimately help his draft stock with the performance? Judging by the numerous rave reviews, I would tend to believe yes. But there's always going to be naysayers.

Via Houston Chronicle

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