Saturday, March 8, 2014

Cincinnati earns top seed in conference tournament by coin flip?

With both teams wrapping up identical 15-3 records in conference play on Saturday, including a 1-1 mark against each other, Louisville and Cincinnati essentially shared the American Athletic Conference regular season title, but they couldn't share the top seed in the conference tournament though.

With both squads also boasting the same overall record (26-5), it meant that the league had to dip further into their tiebreaker rules, which ultimately led them to decide the seeding fate of Louisville and Cincinnati based on a coin flip. Yes, a dubious coin flip.

As fate would have it, the top seed was awarded to the Bearcats after they correctly guessed heads or tails. Meanwhile, Louisville was bestowed the No. 2 seed in the AAC tournament.

Apparently, other factors such as poll rankings, RPI, strength of schedule, and point differential just wouldn't suffice. So, the league did the only objective thing they knew to do, and that's grab a coin.

It's a shame they just couldn't do paper/rock/scissors instead.

Via Bleacher Report

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