Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Anthony Davis abstains from booze during 21st birthday party

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Anthony Davis celebrated his 21st birthday Monday night and managed to get through the entire bash without taking a single sip of alcohol, according to TMZ Sports.

While most young adults look forward to legally binging on alcoholic drinks when they turn 21, Davis appears to be a different cat, abstaining from the substance because he wanted to be fresh for practice Tuesday morning. Davis was so serious about staying sober that he stuck with iced tea and sodas for the night, instead.

Props to Davis for staying strong in the field of battle. That definitely took some maturity.

The scene reportedly took place at Desi Vega's steakhouse in New Orleans where friends (including fellow Red Bull endorser Lolo Jones) and teammates gathered for the momentous occasion. Despite the lack of booze on his part, Davis seemed to have enjoyed himself quite well.

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