Saturday, March 15, 2014

Anonymous MLB team buys supercomputer for at least $500k

An unnamed Major League Baseball team has reportedly purchased a super computer for at least $500,000 to help with in-game decision making.

The supercomputer will allow the anonymous team to process data during a game so fast that they will be able to use the information to influence strategy during the same game.

The supercomputer was bought from Cray Inc., which sells machines ranging from $500,000 to $60 million, although the exact machine model was not revealed. Still, it's safe to assume the minimum cost of the aforementioned computer was around $500,000.

The obvious question here is which team in particular is responsible for making such a pricey investment? According to The Economist, the team is described as one that "exemplifies an organization that, five years ago, most people would not have dreamed would need, or even want, a supercomputer."

With that in mind, we can guess the anonymous team is probably a big market franchise that has not previously relied on such in-depth analysis.

Via Business Insider

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