Saturday, March 8, 2014

Alleged Miami Heat con artist charged with 11 felonies


The man who tried to rip off athletes and celebrities by claiming he could hook them up with Miami Heat season tickets and partial ownership of the team is in big trouble. In fact, the man was recently slapped with 11 felonies, including grand theft, obtaining money by false pretenses, and identity theft.

According to TMZ Sports, the scheme ran by George French Jones started to go awry when ex-Patriots player Jarvis Green was given the too-good-to-be true offer from Jones earlier this year. Apparently, Jones also made the same pitch to Charles Woodson, Warren Moon, and Nick Cannon.

Jones reportedly attempted to lift $50,000 from Woodson, $25,000 from Green, $15,000 from Cannon, and a whopping $200,000 from Moon.

If convicted, Jones faces more than 30 years in prison. For now, he remains behind bars as prosecutors insist he be held without bail, unless he can pay with funds he obtained legally.

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  1. He will probably use the race card,That seems to be in vogue today when a cogent and valid arguement cant be made!