Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adam Vinatieri sounds off on possible extra point rules change

Adam Vinatieri is one of the most successful kickers the National Football League has ever seen. So his opinion matters more than most in regards to speculation that the NFL could possibly move an extra point attempt back to the 25-yard line.

Let's just say the veteran is not a fan of the possibility that an extra point kick could go from a 20-yard attempt to a 43-yard attempt.

"I don't understand the logic: Will it make the game safer for people by moving the extra point back to a 43-yarder? If anything, players are going to rush harder because they're thinking, 'That far of a field goal-type try, we have to go after blocking it more,' " Vinatieri told Tuesday. "If you want to talk about potential risk, more guys get injured on a field goal than extra point.

Last season, kickers connected on 99.6 percent of their extra point attempts, and roughly 80 percent of their field goal tries between 40 and 49 yards. Still, Vinatieri employs the logic of "if it's not broke, don't fix it."

"This just seems like a proposal by a couple of people trying to pound their chest a little saying, 'Let's change it up because kickers are too good,' " Vinatieri said. "They're trying to downgrade our value versus continuing to put an emphasis on kicking. They're trying to minimize the importance of kickers. I'm a traditionalist."

Vinatieri also said that the league shouldn't penalize kickers for being great. They should celebrate the high mark of success, instead.

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