Monday, February 3, 2014

Video: Georgia attorney airs absurd, intense local commercial during Super Bowl

This may not be the best commercial aired during the Super Bowl, but it definitely takes the prize for most intense/absurd/mind-boggling.

A Savannah, Georgia attorney by the name of Jamie Casino bought a local television spot during the Super Bowl and the end result of his advertisement is something worth talking about.

First, here is some background thanks to the YouTube description:

"An epic 2 Minute Halftime Commercial written and directed by Jamie Casino. The spot features Jamie's brother Michael who was gunned down with his friend on Labor Day 2012. The story reveals how Savannah's Chief of Police, Willie Lovett, deceived the citizens of Savannah after four homicides took place Labor Day weekend. Jamie Casino, a personal injury attorney with a large practice based in Savannah, GA created the ad to set the record straight in the Biggest Game of the Year, Super Bowl XLVIII."

One would assume that the commercial is indeed based on a true story, but who knows? The real takeaway from the commercial is the eyebrow-raising message.

Via Eye on Football

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