Friday, February 21, 2014

Under Armour CEO defends his company's speedskating suit

Much of the blame for the United States failing to medal in a speedskating event has fell upon the suit designed by Under Armour.

However, CEO Kevin Plank recently defended his company's design in an interview with USA Today, and announced that Under Armour is not backing down from the humbling experience. In fact, Plank says the company will renew its sponsorship of the U.S. speedskating team through 2022.

“We’re doubling down,” Plank said. “We will not stick our heads in the sand. We want people to know that when we get knocked down, we get back up bigger, better and stronger.

“This brand was dragged through the mud. There was a lot of conjecture and speculation, but none of it based on fact. … And I can’t do anything about it but bite my lip and hope the facts come out.”

After a poor start in Sochi, U.S. speedskaters began to attribute the lack of success on the design of the Under Armour suits, leading to a rash of bad publicity for the Maryland-based outfitter. In fairness, the results didn't change whenever the athletes reverted to older Under Armour suits midway through the games.

All told, the Americans failed to medal in a speedskating event for the first time since 1984. This coming after the squad won four speedskating medals at the 2014 games.

Via Sports Illustrated

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  1. This is todays society where everythings everyone elses fault,We live in a no fault society,I think its time for some looking in the mirror for the blame,Try and Train harder or just congratulate the winner,Damn whatever happened to sportsmanship?As for the suits,Who tried em out and approved them?