Friday, February 28, 2014

Tim Tebow to blame for Ohio State self-reporting NCAA violation?

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, right, fights back tears after embracing head coach Urban Meyer during the introduction of seniors before facing Florida State in Gainesville, Fla., in November 2009. Meyer announced today that he will step down as coach.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Ohio State Buckeyes self-reported a total of 43 secondary violations for all sports in its athletic department in 2013.

Strangely, one of the violations involves former Florida Gators standout Tim Tebow. As the story goes, Tebow and ex-coach Urban Meyer, who nows serves as head man at Ohio State, were having lunch together in March of 2013 when four-star recruit Clifton Garrett gave Meyer a call.

I'll let the Plain Dealer describe the rest of the story:

Upon receiving the call, Coach Meyer informed Garrett that he was on vacation and having lunch with friends and family, including Tim Tebow. Garrett asked Coach Meyer if he could wish Tebow good luck on the upcoming season. Coach Meyer handed the phone to Tebow and Garrett conversed with Tebow for approximately eight seconds. Coach Meyer stated that no recruiting conversation occurred, there was no intent to have Tebow recruit on behalf of Ohio State and he, in fact, did not recruit on behalf of Ohio State.

Çoach Meyer reported that Garrett was not instructed to call by anyone from the Ohio State football staff and that neither he nor Tebow had any other communication with any other prospects during the lunch. Coach Meyer further indicated that Tebow has never spoken with any other prospective Ohio State student-athletes. Coach Meyer understands that the communication between Garrett and Tebow was an error on his part. However, he was adamant that it was a reflexive, courteous action rather than an intentional attempt to involve Tim Tebow in the recruiting process.

No harm, no foul, right?

The whole thing would have gone unnoticed if Garrett hadn't rushed to his Twitter account following the call to announce the conversation to the world. But he did and then Meyer and the Buckeyes were left with no choice but to report the dubious infraction.

As for Garrett, he signed with LSU earlier this month.

Via College Football Talk (Photo: AP)


  1. Really! Way too go Tim Tebow! The very best players should not be going to Ohio State anyway. That school and its fans do not know what sportsmanship is and are bunch of sore losers. They deserved to lose to Michigan State and Clemson. They show no respect to any other school they play, and they think they deserve respect, don't think so! They will never win a national championship anyway. Too arrogant, ignorant, two-faced iddiots, I could keep on going with this for sure, I could write you a book! OSU will never have the speed, or beat the SEC. I'm actually surprised Urban even wanted to work there. He should know by now that those sore loser fans are still trying too get over that loss against Florida all the way back in 2007! Ha. Bunch of buckfuckups if you ask me!

    1. That someone posts as "Anonymous" suggests a lack of courage and confidence. "Never" win a national championship suggests little knowledge of OSU history...they have already won several national championships including football and basketball. And most Buck fans are also fans of the game, sure we like to see our Buckeyes win but who doesn't like to see their team win? Personally I believe your writing is a reflection of your own dark soul. Suggest therapy :)

  2. are you stupid, or just plain ignorant?

  3. It's only a game.