Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Pizza Hut steps up to pay college student who was jobbed out of winning shot contest

Pizza Hut has saved the day for West Chester University freshman Jack Lavery.

The national chain is stepping up to pay the $10,000 in prize money the 18-year-old thought he had won after winning a halftime promotion. Lavery made a layup, free throw, three-pointer, and a halfcourt shot in under 25 seconds, however, a clause in the promotion contract denied Lavery his winnings. The clause reportedly required Lavery to hit all four shots consecutively.

In an email written to Lavery, Pizza Hut's public relations director wrote, “We’d seriously like to offer you $10,000, plus free pizza for a year. No strings attached. You epitomize greatness."

Hey, that's not such a bad deal. Perhaps the school's unwillingness to pony up the cash was simply a blessing in disguise. Free pizza and $10,000 cash is about as good as it gets for a college freshman.

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