Friday, February 14, 2014

Photo: Spencer Hawes owns toilet paper with President Obama's face emblazoned on it

So, Spencer Hawes apparently owns toilet paper with President Barack Obama's face plastered all over it.

This fact became known to the world when 76ers teammate Evan Turner recently had to use the bathroom in Hawes' home. It was there when he discovered the president-inspired TP and took to Instagram to report his findings.

Using the toilet @spenceneedle crib and I noticed his toilet paper. I refuse to use it though lol #mudbutt#lookingforadifferentroll

The toiletry owned by Hawes is not shocking considering his noted Republican background. In 2012, he was vocal in his discontent with the health care bill being passed, and he also didn't like when President Obama revealed he was a 76ers fan growing up.

Via The Big Lead

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