Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Photo: Oklahoma City brewery takes low blow at Seattle with t-shirt

This t-shirt probably wouldn't sell too well in Seattle. (Facebook)

It's only been six years since Oklahoma City lured the SuperSonics away from Seattle to create the Thunder. So, it's understandable why Seattle sports fans still hold a grudge against OKC.

However, things may have been beginning to die down after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. Well, until a brewery in Oklahoma City decided to troll Seattle with a t-shirt, proclaiming the "Oklahoma City Seahawks" as "2015 NFC Champions," implying that the franchise would bolt Seattle in favor of OKC next year.

To be fair, that scenario is in no shape or form likely to happen anytime soon, but just the fact that someone from OKC pitched the idea will be enough for some Seattle residents to fan the flames of hatred for years to come. Nice going, Mustang Brewing Company, for sparking another controversy.

Via Eye on Football

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