Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Photo: Nationals fan pledges not to shave beard until team wins World Series


Washington Nationals fan BJ Treuting has not shaved his beard since Jan. 14, 2012. And he's not going to shave again until his beloved baseball team wins the World Series.

Treuting, a middle school math teacher and baseball coach in Virginia, said he normally grows out his beard during baseball season, but once he started to gain attention at Nationals games, he decided to keep growing it.

“I get a bunch of flack for it needing to be trimmed or evened or shaped but I will not give in to any scissors, trimmers or razors until the Nats win it all,” he said, saying nothing short of a World Series championship — not a playoff series win — will prompt the beard’s removal. ”The only playoff that counts for the beard to be removed is when they hoist the World Series trophy.”

Unfortunately, Treuting may have to give up and shave at some point, because throughout the 45-year history of the Nationals/Expos franchise, the team has won zero titles, zero pennants, and have advanced to the postseason just twice.

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