Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Photo: Alabama library posts sign to deter people yelling 'Roll Tide'

"Roll Tide" is as common a phrase in the state of Alabama as "Hello," "Goodbye," or "Amen." But it's not permitted in the noise-free zone of this library in particular.

Seen here is a photo taken by Crimson Tide associate director of player development Tyler Siskey. Apparently, he stumbled across the sign and felt compelled to share it with the Twitterverse.

The sign is absolutely comical because its intent is truly serious in nature. I'm all for keeping the library quiet, but going to such measures as making this sign is going too far.

Roll Tide.

Via Bleacher Report


  1. Do not yell ..Roll Tide!!!... in the library!!! The football players are trying to color in their coloring books........

  2. NEVER STOP yelling ROLL TIDE!. No matter where you are. No matter what time it is. No matter what the circumstances. Church. Funeral. Wake. Wedding. Toomer's Drugs. In court. On the mountain top. ANYWHERE,'s ROLL TIDE!!!!