Saturday, February 15, 2014

Missouri students overshadow Westboro Baptist Church's protest of Michael Sam

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The controversial religious group known as Westboro Baptist Church had plans to protest Michael Sam's recent revelation that he was gay on Saturday. However, Missouri students had other ideas when church members invaded the community.

Instead of Westboro Baptist making headlines, the students stole the press by showing their support for the NFL bound Tigers football player.

Seen here is a group of students creating a #StandWithSam wall while standing on campus. Westboro Baptist protesters eventually dispersed before the Tigers tipped off for their home game against Tennessee.

Via Eye on College Basketball


  1. It's hard to understand the fools walking our planet. Science has shown nearly 500 mammal species to display homosexual relationships. This genetic anomaly is as normal as having blue eyes. Yet fools say things like choice, lifestyle, self is neither

    1. I would have to say the fools are the ones who can't figure out that a penis and vagina fit. Not 2 penises or 2 vaginas together.

    2. Hey .....penises and buttoles fit also....

  2. buttHOLES......damn, ruined my own joke......

  3. All of you "christians" realize your throwing stones right. You are judging as if you are god himself. Simply put you are wrong. When was the moment in your life when you woke up and said as a guy, "hey i like girls." The answer it never happened, you were born that way, and it just played its course. Coming from a straight/christian raised person, i just dont get how ignorant these people are. If some one is happy w/ that lifestyle so be it, you don't gotta love it, you dont gotta support it, but be tolerant of it. we are in America right? Not Russia! Simple put if you want to protest this kid or any other kid you are wasting minutes of your life, it wont change a thing because here in AMERICA we move towards progression not regression. And good point above, penises fit in buttholes too haha .