Friday, February 14, 2014

Memphis suspends Dominic Woodson for using cuss words

Memphis Tigers freshman Dominic Woodson cut loose some cuss words during Wednesday's win over Central Florida and it's going to cost him some playing time.

The forward has been suspended indefinitely after head coach Josh Pastner, who does not curse, sent Woodson packing during the second half of the game, apparently because Woodson was using inappropriate language.

“I did not like some of his language [that] he used,” Pastner said. ”So I said, ‘See ya.’”

Woodson's suspension comes on the heels of getting ejected from last Saturday's win over Gonzaga due to a flagrant foul.

"There are some things that I just won’t tolerate. I don’t talk that way, and I don’t want players in my program talking that way, and that’s the bottom line," Pastner said.

Let's hope Woodson was provided a bar of soap to clean his mouth with.

In all seriousness, although it seems a little harsh to punish a kid for cussing, especially when we all know that majority of athletes and coaches do, but it's refreshing to see Pastner stick to his guns.

Via Sports Illustrated

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