Saturday, February 8, 2014

John Calipari says his players 'poop ice cream'

Following his team's 69-59 win on the road Saturday, John Calipari had an interesting quote to describe his young Kentucky Wildcats.

Apparently, his players "poop ice cream."

Calipari's remark is an undeniable reference to the constant praise and support some of his talented freshman and sophomore have received during their basketball careers. Awesome.

Kentucky is now 17-5 after knocking off Mississippi State.

Via SportsbyBrooks


  1. HE doesn't say they "poop ice cream" he says "they have been told their whole life they poop ice cream"...big difference

  2. I love KY. BASKETBALL been apart of my 61 years of life on this earth. I don't care to much for the one and doners. My concern is when you put on that jersey understand what name is on the front not the back! Win or loose play your hardest and if you don't than you sit if you don't improve than pull your papers that is how you got here in the first place. Play for the Blue and White you new comming in what was expected of you now it is time to grow up and quite your crying when you don't get your way Coach will take your part me a man!