Thursday, February 20, 2014

Injured fan prepared to file lawsuit against NASCAR over injuries sustained in nasty crash


Injuries sustained in Feb. 2013 due to a nasty crash in Daytona has led fan Whitney Turner to contemplate suing NASCAR.

Turner suffered multiple injuries when Kyle Larson's No. 32 car wrecked into a wall and sent pieces of the vehicle spiraling into the stands. As a result, Turner is threatening to sue the International Speedway Corporation and NASCAR. However, her attorney says they hope the two sides can reach some sort of settlement to avoid having to go to court at all.

Turner's life has been extremely difficult since the crash. She's lost her job as a marketer and is subsequently struggling to support her daughter.

"[She's] been living on her back since the date of the Nationwide crash," Turner's attorney said. "She has had multiple surgical procedures performed to repair her severed Achilles' tendon and internally deranged knee."

Yeah, that doesn't sound good at all.

Via TMZ Sports

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