Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Hand sanitizer company issues apology after saying on Twitter that the Broncos were playing like the Browns during Super Bowl


In arguably the most humorous and bizarre Super Bowl-story of the day, Purell, an Ohio-based hand sanitizer company, issued an apology in a written press release on Tuesday, after their Twitter account posted during the Super Bowl that the Denver Broncos were playing like the Cleveland Browns.

To make matters worst, the company tried to claim they were hacked at first, before eventually admitting that they had not been comprimised, and confessed to sending the ill-fated tweet.

On Tuesday, the company published the following release:

On behalf of PURELL, we want to apologize to the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Browns fans for an insensitive tweet that was sent from the PURELL Twitter account last night.  Many Cleveland Browns fans are upset and understandably so because as Northeast Ohioans we have deep pride for our local community and local sport teams.  When we learned of the post, we immediately took it down.  This post does not represent the views of PURELL.  Someone made a stupid mistake and we are embarrassed and apologetic.  The original apologies came from the person who posted the offending tweet, so we took them down and posted our sincere apology from PURELL.  We are taking immediate steps to ensure this never happens again.  Again, our sincere apology to the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Browns fans.

Yes, I would say the intern who handled the Twitter duties during the Super Bowl is no longer employed. Let's hope they don't try to land a job with the Browns, either.

Via The Indy Channel

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