Friday, February 7, 2014

Customs dispute with Russia depriving Americans of yogurt at Olympics?

There may be plenty of food to eat for American Olympians during their stay in Sochi. But Chobani yogurt is not among the choices.

This is because the yogurt company has been unable to ship approximately 5,000 cups of product due to a customs battle with Russia. Naturally, the Olympians who expected their yogurt to be available are not happy, saying it affects their routine and deprives them of nutrients and protein.

However, a Russian official told the Associated Press that the Americans should have known this difficulty would arise beforehand.

"American officials know what the requirements are, and I do not understand why they stood to the side and waited until the situation reached this point," he said. "This question can be resolved very quickly."

Again, just another reason why Russia has been a sub-par Olympic host so far.

Via Eye on Olympics

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