Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cory Lidle memorial statue vandalized by thieves

West Covina PD

A statue of former major league pitcher Cory Lidle was vandalized late last week outside of Big League Dream Park in West Covina, California.

Three bronze plaques, valued at $6,000, were stolen and the statue itself was filled with drill holes and was knocked over.

“The vandalism to the Cory Lidle statue is a deplorable act by some despicable human beings,” West Covina City Mayor Steve Herfert told CBS Los Angeles. “To damage a statue memorializing the life of Cory Lidle is very personal to all of our residents. Cory’s life represents the hopes and dreams of every baseball player and kind person in our City.”

Lidle, who pitched for seven different teams over nine big league seasons, died in 2006 when a plane he was piloting crashed into a building on the east side of Manhattan.

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