Saturday, February 22, 2014

Brian Shaw rips players following loss with epic rant

Denver Nuggets Coach Brian Shaw Blasts Players in Epic Rant

Brian Shaw was none too pleased after his Nuggets got whipped, 117-89, by the Bulls Friday night. And he made sure the whole world heard about it.

Apparently, Shaw's frustrations with player effort and losing bubbled over after the game, leading to an epic rant and the following series of tweets published on Denver's official Twitter account.

Check them out below:

Game. Set. Match.

I think Shaw has spoken his peace on this topic for now.

Via Bleacher Report (Photo: AP)


  1. maybe Shaws paycheck should be based on how well he coaches and motivates players

  2. David Shaw is a great coach and if any bodys paycheck is measured by wins more than the head coach of any team I want to hear whose it is. Shaw is partially frustrated because he could be fired over the play of his best players on the court.

  3. @ Anonymous at 12:30 who the hell is David Shaw ? As for Brian Shaw the Denver Nuggets Head Coach, he seems to me to be a lot like Josh McDaniels was when he Came here as the Broncos Head Coach. I Don't believe that either one of them did any Homework ?? You know like a Real Coach would, review lots of Film from the Previous Season. Determine from Film and any Existing Coaches as to who your Good players are and what there Strengths and Weakness are. Who's your Team Leaders and what Players Mesh well together on the Floor/Field. When Shaw has been asked about any Film/Games from Previous year his response was that he was on the east coast and Really didn't get a chance to see the Nuggets Play ?? Sooo there's no Team Videos of the Games played ??? That's where his Problem as Head Coach Started and has Progressed from there. Still have to ? why George Karl Voted the NBA Coach of the Year gets Fired ?? He had Young Players and I for one thought he was bringing them along Just Fine.