Thursday, February 20, 2014

A lovely story about how David Price played matchmaker using Twitter

David Price can do much more than just pitch in the major leagues. Apparently, the Tampa Bay Rays ace can play matchmaker too.

ESPN anchor Sara Walsh and Oakland A's prospect Matt Buschmann are now wife and husband thanks to some ground work laid by Price.

The story begins several years ago when all three were living in Nashville. Walsh was a local sportscaster while Price and Buschmann were teammates at Vanderbilt. Buschmann was interviewed by Walsh on a few occasions and her presence clearly left an impression on the young pitcher.

In 2012, Walsh had moved up to anchoring SportsCenter, Price was throwing darts for the Rays, and Buschmann was trying to work his way up Tampa Bay's system to join Price. During an interview with Walsh, Price mentioned how much Buschmann had adored her in the past, and suggested the two follow each other on Twitter, which eventually led to a direct message. 

The rest is history, folks.

The two were married last month in Florida with Price in attendance as a groomsmen.

Via MLB Cut 4 (Photo: WKRN)

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